Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Emotional Pitch® for?

Emotional Pitch® is for anyone who is interested in learning more about music. Instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, arrangers, recording engineers, educators, conductors, and anyone else who shares a love for music can benefit from this course. From students at the beginner level to professionals at the expert level, Emotional Pitch® teaches students how to transform conceptual music theory into applied music theory.

Does Emotional Pitch® teach students how to play an instrument?

No. Emotional Pitch® teaches students basic music theory concepts and how to apply them so individualized, artistic self-expression—whether technical, creative, abstract, etc.—can be achieved.

What type of music background do students need to be able to use Emotional Pitch®?

Having a music background is not required to be able to use Emotional Pitch®. The course covers the necessary information needed to successfully learn and apply the concepts. However, if you already know how to play an instrument and/or have some music knowledge, advancing through the course materials will likely be easier due to being familiar with the subject. As you grow as a musician, Emotional Pitch® will grow with you and will become more usable—you'll be able to do more with the combination of what you already know and what you learn from the course.

Is knowing how to read music a requirement for being able to use Emotional Pitch®?

No. The small amount of reading that you will need to understand is explained in the course.